Interesting install issue with AGPM V3.0

Hi there everyone,

I have been doing quite alot of studying around AGPM v3.0 recently and have come across this interesting installation issue as reported on the following technet alias and highlighted by Michael Kleef to us.

Problem and Symptons

Attempting to install AGPM 3.0 Server and Client on Windows Server 2008 SP1 x64, with .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 and latest patches.  For both installations, I enter the parameters, the install starts, but reasonably quickly rolls back followed by the following message:
Setup Wizard ended prematurely because of an error.  Your system has not been modified.  To install this program at a later time, run Setup Wizard Again.

The final few lines of the agpmmsi.log are as follows:
2009-08-13 16:57:55.650 [pid=0x308,tid=0xd38] Leaving LaunchBrowser().
2009-08-13 16:57:55.665 [pid=0x308,tid=0xd38] Loop through DS_SELECTION array of selected objects
2009-08-13 16:57:55.697 [pid=0x308,tid=0x2f8] DllMain() called with DLL_THREAD_ATTACH
2009-08-13 16:57:55.712 [pid=0x308,tid=0xd38] Leaving MsiOwnerBrowser().
2009-08-13 16:57:55.728 [pid=0x308,tid=0xd38] DllMain() called with DLL_PROCESS_DETACH
2009-08-13 16:57:56.868 [pid=0x308,tid=0x10f4] DllMain() called with DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH
2009-08-13 16:57:56.884 [pid=0x308,tid=0x10f4] Entering MsiCalculateSID().
2009-08-13 16:57:56.900 [pid=0x308,tid=0x10f4] User is: GLOBAL\AGPMAdministrators
2009-08-13 16:57:56.915 [pid=0x308,tid=0x10f4] Entering MyMsiSetProperty().
2009-08-13 16:57:56.931 [pid=0x308,tid=0x10f4] Leaving MyMsiSetProperty().
2009-08-13 16:57:56.946 [pid=0x308,tid=0x10f4] Leaving MsiCalculateSID
2009-08-13 16:57:56.962 [pid=0x308,tid=0x10f4] DllMain() called with DLL_PROCESS_DETACH
The final few lines of the agpm_30_server.amd64.en-US000000.log file read as follows:
== Logging stopped: 8/13/2009  17:00:30 ===
MSI (c) (F8:F4) [17:00:30:701]: Note: 1: 1708
MSI (c) (F8:F4) [17:00:30:701]: Product: Microsoft Advanced Group Policy Management – Server — Installation failed.

MSI (c) (F8:F4) [17:00:30:701]: Windows Installer installed the product. Product Name: Microsoft Advanced Group Policy Management – Server. Product Version: 3.0. Product Language: 1033. Installation success or error status: 1603.

MSI (c) (F8:F4) [17:00:30:701]: Grabbed execution mutex.
MSI (c) (F8:F4) [17:00:30:701]: Cleaning up uninstalled install packages, if any exist
MSI (c) (F8:F4) [17:00:30:701]: MainEngineThread is returning 1603
=== Verbose logging stopped: 8/13/2009  17:00:30 ===

I’ve tried removing all .NET framework products and re-installing 3.5 SP1 along with all the latest patches, but still get the same error.

"The Windows Firewall Service was disabled. AGPM was trying to write a port exception rule to the Windows Firewall, and when it was unable to do so, the installation failed. In order to complete the installation I had to actually run the service (merely setting it to manual was not enough).

Also further information was supplied as a follow up by the engineer.

We found that

“Instead of actually enabling and running the firewall service, we also got around this by un-checking the box “Allow the Microsoft Management Console through the firewall” on the set up page where you specify the AGPM Server”


So if you get a similar error to this when Installing AGPMV3.0 take note of the above.






~ by janelewis13 on September 18, 2009.

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